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Nebulizers from well-known manufacturers such as BPL, Philips, Romsons, Niscomed, etc. are listed at attractive prices on Smart Medical Buyer. Popular brands among them are BPL Breathe Ezee, Niscomed Ultrasonic Nebuliser, Romsons Portneb, Romsons Aeromist, Romsons Aeromac, etc.

Different types of Nebuliser products available online at best prices on Smart Medical Buyer
A nebulizer machine is a device which that converts medicine into mist to help patients breathe it in to their lungs. It is usually required by patients suffering from lung disease or respiratory ailments. Common conditions requiring their use are COPD, Asthma, etc. Nebulisers are very effective to deliver Asthma medication to children and anyone else who is unable to use an Asthma inhaler. They are also effective when the dosage of inhaled medication required is large. A Compressor Nebulizer is the most widely used form. Ultrasonic Nebulizers have also become popular these days because they are portable compared to others. But their con is that they heat up the medication because of the use of ultrasonic waves. Nebulisers can be found in table top and portable models. Nebulizers for kids and babies for use at home are usually table top type which require to be plugged into an electrical outlet. Whereas, portable nebulisers run on batteries and can be carried to be used wherever required.

Components of a Nebulizer
A Nebuliser usually has the following components.

  • Air Compressor or Nebulizer Machine
  • Cup
  • Mask or Mouthpiece
  • Medication
  • Compressor Tubing

  • How to use a Nebulizer
  • Fill the medicine cup with the prescribed medicine and connect the tubing to the air compressor.
  • Attach the tubing and mouthpiece or mask to the medicine cup
  • Put the mouthpiece in your mouth or mask on your mouth.
  • Switch the machine on and breathe through your mouth into your lungs until all the medicine has been used

  • Should you use a mask or a mouthpiece with your nebuliser?

    Nebuliser Machines require either a mouthpiece or a face mask with tubing to be used along with. Mouthpieces are preferable since face masks can lead to the formation of deposits on the face. But for patients who are very ill or for small children, using a mouthpiece is impractical and hence, a face mask is preferred. Apart from Nebulisers and Masks, other respiratory products like CPAP Machines, CPAP Nasal Masks, Face Mask, Humidifiers, Respirometers, etc. are also available on Smart Medical Buyer.