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Otoscopes are medical devices used to view and examine the ear canal and tympanic membrane. An ear otoscope consists of a handle and a head. The head consists of a light source and a simple low-power magnifying glass. The distal part of the otoscope consists of an attachment for disposable plastic ear speculas. The lens is usually removable to allow insertion of instruments through the specula for retrieval of foreign bodies or earwax and accumulated dead skin cells. Otoscopes can be wall mounted or portable. This ear scope can work on three sources of power: rechargeable batteries, permanent connection to a battery source or disposable batteries. The digital otoscope lights also have three variants: direct light, indirect light and fiber optic. Otoscopic examination allows the doctors to identify any discrepancies.

How to choose an Otoscope?

Various factors should be taken into consideration while buying an otoscope for clinical practice.

  1. 1. The Power Source - Depending on whether you need a stationary or portable power source, you should choose an otoscope which matches your clinical routine

  2. 2. The Size - Otoscope are available in multiple sizes and a size suitable to your requirement should be chosen. Otoscope are available in pocket sized variants and standard sizes. The pocket sized variant is often limited in features

  3. 3. The Functions - Many otoscope have rheostats, insufflations ports and removable lens which add to the properties of the otoscope. Added functions make the otoscope more efficient but may also raise the otoscope price

  4. 4. Type of Specula - A specula can be non-removable or disposable. Non-removable specula’s are harder to maintain as they need constant disinfection, while disposable specula’s can be discarded after single use

  5. 5. Storage and Transmission of Information - Some otoscopes can capture, store and share photos of the examination. These features allow for better documentation for chronic cases and to monitor the progress of recovery during treatment

  6. 6. Internet Connectivity - Some otoscopes have internet connectivity which enables a faster transfer of information

  7. 7. Illumination - The illumination provided by the bulb is an important factor while choosing an otoscope. A halogen bulb provides the least illumination while a LED bulb provides the most illumination

  8. 8. The Cost – Otoscopes prices in India depending on their features and specifications. Technologically advanced macroview otoscopes are usually costlier. Welch Allyn Otoscope price and Heine otoscope price are comparatively lower.


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