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Plaster Of Paris Casting Bandage

What are Plaster of Paris (POP) and casting tapes?

A casting tape is an adhesive or resin textile mesh that is used for shaping lightweight casts in orthopaedic care for fracture management. An orthopaedic or surgical cast is a shell that is made from fibreglass or plaster of paris (POP) tapes to enclose limbs to stabilise and hold anatomical structures until they are healed. The casting tape serves as a strong and sturdy mould that applies compression force around the fracture and assists the bone to sit in its original state while the body undergoes the proper biological healing necessary for repairing the fracture.

What are the most common types of casting tapes?

The two most common types of casting tapes are plaster of paris (POP) and fiberglass tapes. POP casts are made from calcium sulphate or gypsum which is mixed with water and moulded around the fracture. This mixture eventually hardens and creates a stiff sheath around the fractured limb. Plaster of paris casts are most often used when a bone re-positioning is performed. A limitation associated with the use of plaster casting tape is the inaccessibility of the limb during treatment due to which the skin underneath the cast may be affected and may become dry, scaly or develop a severe rash. Skin complications like macerations, infections, burns and in severe case, painful dermatitis may occur as a consequence to treatment with plaster casts. Another limitation of POP casts is the considerable weight of the cast that hinders mobility in patients. POP casts are also water-soluble and hence patients are advised to protect the cast from contact with water to keep the dressing intact. Due to the limitations of the plaster cast, other materials like fiberglass tapes and polyester have become increasingly popular for use in fracture management. Fiberglass casts are most commonly used for treatment presently since they are lighter, longer wearing and more breathable than plaster, while providing better support and strength than plastic. Polyester casting tapes are used for firm primary and secondary casting. They are extremely light-weight, more comfortable and close-fitting when compared to plaster and fiberglass casts.

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