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What is a pressure mattress?

A pressure mattress is a mattress that is designed and manufactured to relieve maximum pressure from the body of a bed-ridden patient so that they do not develop bed ulcers or bed sores from sustained pressure applied on the skin due to long intervals spent lying down in the same position. A person’s mobility may be reduced or completely extinguished due to health problems or due to age-related health issues or as a result of surgery and such individuals may require spending a majority of their time on the bed. Obesity is also a cause for a person to have reduced mobility. An obese individual’s organs may not be able to produce and distribute enough oxygen to supply the entire body and due to this shortcoming along with the fact that such an individual may be prone to excessive sweating, he or she may suffer chronic skin conditions like rashes and sores. The pressure mattress or alternating pressure mattress improves the quality of life for such bedfast patients by improving the circulation of the patient’s skin and preventing skin breakdown.

There are many varieties of pressure mattresses available in the market. The main types of pressure mattresses that are commonly available include pressure relieving foam/gel mattresses and alternating pressure mattresses. While alternating pressure mattresses work by rows of air cells that inflate and deflate alternatively so pressure at any given point is changed continuously, pressure relieving foam/gel mattresses have an “open cell” design that disperses the individual’s body weight in a manner that reduces areas of high pressure. To purchase the correct pressure mattress for a particular patient’s needs, it is advised that the patient or their caregiver counsels a medical professional.

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