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Rapid Testing Kits

What are rapid testing kits?

Rapid testing kits are kits designed for diagnostic testing that are quick and easy to perform. Rapid tests were first developed in the early 1990s for use in developing countries, where specialised laboratory facilities were not easily available. They are used for preliminary screening tests, emergencies and in health settings that have limited pathology resources. Rapid Testing Kits deliver important diagnostic results so that the spread of infections may be curtailed and the health practitioner is able to administer speedy treatment to the patient.

What are the features of a useful rapid testing kit?

An efficient rapid testing kit is characterised as being highly sensitive and specific; it should be easy to use and have all necessary instructions provided within the packaging; a useful rapid testing kit is non-invasive; the results should have clear visibility and the test should have simple storage requirements.  

What are the different types of rapid testing kits available?

  • • Dengue test kits are kits that are used for the early detection of the dengue virus. A report by researchers for The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene concluded that the SD Dengue Duo rapid test kit is useful, sensitive, and specific for the diagnosis of acute dengue infection.
  • • HBsAg test kits are used for testing for Hepatitis B infection in human serum or plasma. The Hepatitis B infection is spread through infected blood or body secretions of infected individuals. The appearance of Hepatitis B surface Antigen (HBsAg) in the sample of the patient is a marker for the diagnosis of the infection.
  • • HIV test kits are used for preliminary diagnosis of the HIV virus. It is appropriate to use a rapid testing it for early detection of HIV in high-prevalence settings; when a pregnant woman is scheduled to go into labour and has not been previously tested; after a possible exposure to the virus sexually or through an infected needle or when the patient refuses venipuncture.
  • • Syphilis testing kits are used for rapid detection of the marker Treponema Pallidum for the diagnosis of the syphilis infection.
  • • Malaria rapid testing kits are used for the quick detection of the presence of the malaria parasite in the blood of patients. The mechanism utilised by the kits detect specific antigens (proteins) produced by malaria parasites in the blood of infected individuals. Blood is obtained from patients through finger-prick method.
  • • Chikungunya test kits are used for the diagnosis of Chikungunya fever, a mosquito-borne disease which is predominantly identified in tropical and sub-tropical countries. The testing kit uses human blood, serum or plasma for the qualitative detection of the Chikungunya virus.
  • • pylori rapid testing kits are used for the detection of Helicobacter pylori that resides in the mucous layer of the gut and occasionally may be detected in ectopic gastric tissue in the duodenum or oesophagus. The H. pylori pathogen is found in 90% of patients with duodenal ulcers and in 50-80% of patients with gastric ulcers. Detection of this bacterial pathogen is important since medications are available that eradicate the H. pylori organism.


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