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Retinoscopes are optometry devices which are used to shine light into a patient’s eye and observe the reflection off from the retina to measure the refractive error in the eye. The working principle of retinoscopy is Focault’s principle. Retinoscopes are used in optometry to detect any regular or irregular astigmatism, accommodative abilities, estimate the refractive error in an objective manner and in the detection of opacities and latent hyperopia. Retinoscopy also allows for the assessment of refractive status in infants, uncooperative patients and non-communicative patients. They are an important diagnostic tool which is used to evaluate ophthalmic conditions. The retinoscope consists of a head, neck and tail. There are two systems in a retinoscope – a projection system and an observation system. The projection system consists of a light source, a condensing light, a focusing sleeve and a current source. The observation system consists of a peephole. 

Types of Retinoscopes -

The common types of retinoscopes are: 

  1. 1. Reflecting Mirror Retinoscopes -

    A perforated mirror by which the beam is reflected to the patient’s eye through a central hole, the emergent rays enter the observer’s eye. Movements of illuminated retinal area are produced by tilting a mirror, either plane or concave. 
  2. 2. Self-Illuminated Retinoscopes -

    The light source and mirror are incorporated in one. Light source is linear (uncoiled) filament.

Types of Retinoscopy -

The common types of retinoscopy are: 

  1. 1. Static Retinoscopy -

    In this type of retinoscopy, the patient is made to look at a distant object while the accommodation is relaxed
  2. 2. Dynamic Retinoscopy -

    In dynamic retinoscopy the patient is looking at a near object while the accommodation is active
  3. 3. Near Retinoscopy -

    In near retinoscopy, the patient is made to look at a near object while the accommodation is relaxed

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