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Scalp Vein Set

What is Scalp Vein Set or Winged Infusion Set?

Scalp vein sets/ SV sets are also known as winged infusion sets. They are also known as butterfly sets due to their shape. They are meant to be used for venipuncture. Venipuncture is a process in which intravenous access is obtained for the administration of intravenous therapy or for the collection of venous blood. Venipuncture is also known as phlebotomy. A scalp vein set consists of the following components:

  • - A hypodermic needles to make the incision
  • - 2 bilateral and flexible wings which provide precise placement to the needle
  • - A short tube which is transparent
  • - A connector which can attach to another device which generates suction

What are the key features of Scalp Vein or Winged Infusion Sets?

- Sharp Needle: Precision engineered superior sharp needle points ensure minimal pain and discomfort to the patient during infusion therapies.

- Flexible connector: The other end of the SV set is usually a female luer fitting which is widely accepted by most medical manufacturers and can be easily attached to syringes, vaccutainers and extension tubes.

- Packaging: SV sets are packaged in sterile, individual blister packs. This ensures complete safety for patients from infections. SV sets are meant for single use.

- Color coding: The infusion sets are color coded according to their gauge size. Thus, they can be easily identified by technicians without any error.

- Size: Scalp vein sets are available in a range of gauge sizes starting from 18G to 26G.

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