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Shoulder Arm Support

Shoulder and Arm Support

Shoulder and arm injuries can happen during sports, accidental falls and overuse. The "Shoulder Joint" consists of articulation of the head of humerus bone, the scapula (shoulder blade) and clavicle (collar bone). Since the shoulder joint has a large range of motion, it is very susceptible to injury and dislocation. The shoulder joint is stabilized by various muscles, ligaments and associate structures which are prone to being affected during injury or overuse. Common injuries at the shoulder include rotator cuff tear, sprains, dislocated shoulder and shoulder instability. These can range from durable slings to simple lightweight neoprene vests used for support. Shoulder and arm supports work on the principles of compression, protection and support to heal the arm and shoulder. Wearing a shoulder support(shoulder braces) is also a preventive measure to prevent the progression of injury to a shoulder dislocation. Shoulder immobilizers have an additional strap that prevents the arm from dropping and moving away from the body while arm slings do not have such a strap.

Indications for use of shoulder and arm supports

The use of shoulder and arm supports may be recommended in the following scenarios:

1. Post surgical rehabilitation

2. Sports and work injury prevention

3. Joint and arm support during physiotherapy

4. Prevention of injury during exercise

5. To reduce the risk of shoulder dislocation

6. To increase stability of shoulder and reduce the risk of re-injury.

Types of Shoulder and Arm Supports

Common types of shoulder and arm supports include:

1. Shoulder Sleeves

2. Shoulder Wraps

3. Shoulder Straps

4. Shoulder Immobilizers

5. Shoulder Slings

6. Arm Slings

7. Clavicle Braces

8. Forearm Splints

9. Posture correctors

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