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Suction Catheter

What is a Suction Catheter?
A suction catheter is a medical device that extracts bodily fluid secretions such as saliva and mucus from the upper airway. One end of a suction catheter is connected to the tracheal tube or the mouth of the patient and the other end is connected to a suction machine/ collection system that generates suction. The tracheal tube is generally connected to a ventilator. Suction catheters are used for injured patients or patients suffering from critical ailments to clear their airways and they help prevent plugging of the airways. Suction catheters also prevent pneumonia.

There are 2 types of suction – closed or inline suction systems and open suction systems. The closed suction systems are integrated with the breathing machine (ventilator) and breathing tubes. This need to be changed every 24 – 48 hours and ensure that ventilator support remains intact during the suction process. In open suction systems the patient needs to be disconnected from the ventilator and then only is the suction applied.

Suction catheters are long and flexible tubes. There are different types of suction catheters available – closed system, yankauer tips, latex rubber and latex free suction catheters. A Yankauer suction catheter is used to clear secretions from the mouth and is meant for patients who can cough but have trouble swallowing. Yankauer suction catheters are meant for single use and suction should not be applied for more than 10 seconds.

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