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Suction Systems and Machines

Suction systems and machines are medical devices used to aspirate tracheal secretions from the endotracheal tubes. Tracheal suction is an important procedure for patients under mechanical ventilation. Tracheal suctioning removes the buildup of secretions, stimulates coughing, provides effective ventilation and reduces the risks of developing lower respiratory tract infections. Indications for the use of a suction machine include coarse or noisy breathing, visible secretions lodged in the airway, deterioration in the arterial blood gas values, increased work required during breathing etc.  A typical suction machine consists of suction pumps, tubes, connections, catheters and a suction trolley.

Suction machines can be broadly classified into two types –

• Open Suction System – Open suction can only be used once and requires the ventilator to be disconnected during procedure 

• Closed Suction System – Closed suction may be used multiple times and may not require the ventilator to be disconnected 

Endotracheal suctioning is done as per clinical requirements and not routinely. It is essential in some cases but a physician uses his/ her discretion when it comes to using suction pumps on a patient as it can have undesirable complications like hypoexemia, sepsis, bleeding and mucousal trauma. Some of these complications can be avoided by following a few preventive measures like choosing correct amount of negative pressure, achieving correct insertion of catheter and applying suction for the right amount of time. 

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