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Surgical Blades, Scalpels and Cutters
Surgical blades, scalpels and cutters are commonly used instruments used in a majority of surgical procedures and are generally meant for single use and are disposable. Smart Medical Buyer’s portfolio for this product are has regular surgical blades, surgical scalpels, skin graft blades and stitch cutters.

Surgical blades are made from carbon steel as well as stainless steel and are available in commercial designations 10 to 25 with 10 being the smallest size and 25 being the largest. Since surgical blades are meant for single use they are individually packed and sterile.

Surgical scalpel blades are handles fitted with surgical blades and handles are made from plastic and are designed ergonomically. Scalpels are also available in commercial designations 10 to 25 and scalpels available on our portal are disposable.

Skin graft blades are used to surgically remove a patch of healthy skin from an unaffected area of the patient’s body. These find applications in trauma and burn cases where skin grafting is often required. They are available in both carbon and stainless steel material.

Stitch cutters are used for general suture removal and are required across a wide variety of healthcare establishments including outpatient clinics, emergency and trauma departments, hospital wards and stand-alone dispensaries.

Surgical Blades and Scalpels Available for Lowest Prices Online on Smart Medical Buyer

Smart Medical Buyer offers a large range of surgical blades and scalpels from Hindustan Syringes and Medical Devices (HMD) and Ribbel International. These products are designated as a fast moving item for us and have same day dispatch available for all common sizes. Smart Medical Buyer is able to offers its customers very attractive prices for surgical blades and scalpels through direct sourcing from manufacturers. You may order these products in bulk and avail of extra pre payment discounts as well. Surgical blades and scalpels are regulated items and meant for sale through our website only for registered medical/ dental practitioners and healthcare establishments.