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Surgical Medical Tape

Surgical and Medical Tapes

Surgical and medical tapes are used in medicine and first aid to secure the bandage or a wound dressing in their place of application. Medical tapes are also used to hold IV lines, oxygen tubing or splints in position. The tape is itself held in place usually with the help of a hypoallergenic adhesive that serves the purpose of holding the dressing with easy, skin-friendly removability.  Surgical tapes may be used to hold together a gaping wound while the wound is prepared for surgical sutures or it may be used in place of stitches to keep the wound closed while it heals.

Types of medical or surgical tapes available:

  1. 1. Paper tapes or micro-pore tapes - are usually used for lighter dressings and on application over smaller wounds. This variety of medical tapeis used for those with sensitive or delicate skin like small children or elderly patients who commonly have thinner skin. The pores present on the paper tapes are air-permeable and this factor helps the wound heal better.
  2. 2. Fabric or cloth tapes - are made of strong and flexible fibers that contract and expand with movement. Fabric tapes are usually strong, elastic in nature and able to hold heavier tubing and thick dressings.
  3. 3. Perforated polyethylene tape - is a hypo-allergenic, translucent, surgical tape that offers strong adhesion for various medical purposes. It may be used to secure dressing or hold a medical tubing in place. It allows moisture evaporation from the skin while remaining highly breathable.

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