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Buy Surgical Mop and Surgical Sponge online in India for hospitals, nursing homes and healthcare setups from Smart Medical Buyer

Surgical mop and Surgical Sponge are utilized in operation theatres for absorption of bodily fluids in a safe manner. Surgical mops can be of two kinds – non sterile surgical mop and sterile surgical mop. Non Sterile Mop is available in non-sterile packaging and have sealed ends to prevent lint accumulation. Lap Sponges or laparotomy sponges are usually bleached with hydrogen peroxide and demineralized water. Laparotomy or lap sponges have a x-ray detectable thread running through them. Lap pads surgery sponge or mop prevent lint residual due to their design. Averting the likelihood of lose fibers make them safe for use. Lap sponge is known to be highly absorbent as well as soft. The Lap sponge is packed in standard packaging and is available in multiple dimensions. Surgical Pads are known to be highly absorbent. PVA Sponge are polyvinyl alcohol material. The surgical pad usually is non-woven with perforated non-adherent dressing. PVA sponge is compressible when dry but expands when it’s wetted. PVA sponge is also inert making it safe for use.  The porous material of PVA allows it to wick away body fluids quickly and efficiently.


When purchasing Surgical Mop or Surgical sponge, safety and reliability of the product is of paramount importance. Sterile mop, non sterile mop, surgical pad, lap sponges, or pva sponge should all be procured from reliable vendors. Smart Medical Buyer has superior sourcing for Surgical Mop and Surgical sponge from brands such as Divine India, G Surgiwear, Dr Sabharwal’s, Sutures India, and Datt Softlaps. Using good quality surgical mop, surgical sponge, pva sponge or lap sponge ensures less complications during surgical procedures and post-operatively.


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