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Surgical Staplers Cutters

What are surgical staplers and cutters?

Surgical staplers and cutters are specialised instruments that are used in surgery to place staples/clips for closing skin wounds and to connect or remove parts of organs. Surgical stapling is mainly administered during bowel and lung surgery. Staplers were developed to combat the shortcomings like leakages and separations of traditionally used sutures. Hungarian surgeon Humor Hultl initiated the technique and is known as the “father of surgical stapling.” Stapling is much quicker and more accurate than placing sutures by hand. The wound closure by a surgical stapler is much more even when compared to sutures. 

What are the types of surgical staplers and cutters available?

Staplers and cutters are available for surgical use either as disposable or as reusable stainless steel staplers. Skin staplers are used to close superficial surgical wounds on the skin. Circular staplers and cutters are used in bowel surgery and for open or laparoscopic surgery. Curved staplers and cutters are used for endoscopic procedures. Linear staplers and cutters are used for abdominal surgeries, gynaecological operations, and paediatric procedures. Most staplers are single-use staplers to assure the sterility of the surgical procedure. However, some surgeons may prefer to use reusable staplers that are made of stainless steel. For reusable staplers, after each use, the cartridge is removed and disposed of, while the stapler body is sterilised and re-used. Titanium staplers are increasing in popularity due to their low-reactivity with the immune system. Staples can be removed using a specialised device.

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