Sutures India Trusynth Fast Polyglactin 910

Sutures India Trusynth Fast Sutures

Sutures India Trusynth Fast Sutures are synthetic braided/multifilament coated fast absorbable sutures. These Sutures are manufactured using polyglactin 910 acid. These sutures have a coating of calcium stearate and polyglactin 370. The homopolymer of glycolide is reduced to a simpler polymer which leads to faster absorption of Sutures India Trusynth Fast Sutures by the body. The properties of Sutures India Trusynth Fast sutures are:

  • Sutures India Trusynth Fast sutures are fast absorbable sutures with an absorption profile of 42 days. Absorption occurs by hydrolysis and breakdown of suture followed by the eventual metabolism by the body
  • Sutures India Trusynth Fast sutures provide wound support for 7-10 days at the suturing site
  • The coating of Sutures India Trusynth Fast sutures provides smooth tissue passage to the sutures
  • The coating of Sutures India Trusynth fast sutures makes them pliable and easy to handle

  • These sutures get absorbed faster by the body and they are only indicated in surgeries requiring faster absorption and not indicated for tissues requiring prolonged approximation. The use of these sutures is indicated for obstetrics and gynecology surgeries, odontology, cuticular closure, epistomy surgery and pediatric surgery.

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