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Syringe Pump

Syringe Pump for use at Hospitals, Operation Theaters, Nursing Homes, Clinics and Path Labs available on Smart Medical Buyer

Syringe pumps are small infusion pumps which are used in a healthcare set up to gradually administer fluid to a patient. The fluid may or may not contain medication.They effectively deliver medications subcutaneously to the patient. They reduce the symptoms like agitation, pain and sickness associated with repeated administration of medication through repeated injections. Syringe pumps also reduce the workload of the hospital staff and make the procedure of receiving multiple doses of medication easier for the patient when compared to receiving multiple injections. Technologically advanced syringe pumps usually have an in-built computer and small screen which calculate and display the information and can warn the healthcare provider by an alarm in case of occlusion, loose syringe, low battery and wrong setting. Syringe pumps are usually used in electro spinning, electro spraying, dilution, tissue perfusion and palliative care. Syringe pumps can also deliver intravenous (IV) medications which reduces the chance for errors and saves staff time.Syringe pumps can have various features like Purge and Bolus function, different levels of occlusion, various working modes, volume capacities, Keep-vein-open (KVO) features, one key operations,drug library and recording of settings.

Types of syringe pumps

1. Infusion Only Syringe Pump - These pumps allow the plunger to be forced forward by the motor to deliver fluid

2. Infusion/withdrawal Pumps - These pumps function in the same manner as an infusion only pump but at the end of the run the motor reverses and the syringe plunger moves in the opposite direction which causes the syringe to be filled up again

3. Push/pull and continuous flow pump - These pumps are a variation of the infusion pump having opposing syringes

4. High Pressure Syringe pump - These pumps have a small diameter syringe that causes larger pressure to build up

5. Low Flow Rate Pump - These pumps have finer syringes providing smoother action

Why are syringe pumps used?

1. When there is severe pain and a constant flow of medication is needed

2. When the patient finds it difficult to swallow medication

3. The patient is agitated or distressed

4. To administer analgesics, antimetics and other drugs

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