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Tissue Adhesives and Sealants are utilized to arrest bleeding, provide wound healing support and mechanically reduce bleeding or initiate a clotting cascade. Tissue sealants and adhesives can be synthetic tissue sealants, non-synthetic tissue sealants, fibrin based sealants, collagen tissue adhesives, and protein tissue sealants. Some tissue adhesives and sealants mimic the natural clotting procedure in the human body. These tissue adhesives and sealants have hemostatic healing and adhesive properties. These products are easy to use. They are widely accepted by surgeons and clinicians due to their efficacy. Product cost, efficiency, availability, immunogenicity, absorption rate, mechanism of action, preparation and procedure applicability should be considered while deciding which tissue adhesives and sealants to buy for your practice.

Silicone Adhesive are biomedical grade adhesive with low toxicity. The silicone adhesive cure rapidly and are utilized in life sciences application. Dental Adhesives can be a powder, paste or amalgam form. Dental adhesives have versatility, bond strength and ease of use. Dental Sealants are coating placed on the chewing surface of tooth. The dental sealants protect tooth from decaying any further. Dental sealants prevent development of fissures in areas susceptible to decay. Dental sealants for adults help improve oral health.

Smart Medical Buyer’s product catalogue for Tissue Adhesives and Sealants includes Baxter Tisseel Kit Fibrin Sealant, Reliance Life Sciences Reliseal Kit Fibrin Sealant, and Sutures India Truseal Tissue Sealant. These products are extensively used to arrest bleeding, promote wound healing, sealing of topical cuts, and to close incisions after laparoscopic surgery. Using such products also prevents infections at the site.


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