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Foot, Toe and Heel Supports

Foot, Toe and Heel supports are medical equipments used to control and limit movement, correct deformities and compensate for weakness. These devices are manufactured using the basics of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, engineering and patho-physiology to successfully rehabilitate a patient. These supports can support the ankle-toe-heel alignment or have independent functions like protection of bunion against rubbing, shock absorption, easing arch pain etc. Foot, toe and heel supports can restore a person’s ability to use the foot without experiencing pain and instability while providing better arch support. Foot, toe and heel supports also prevent deformities. These supports can also reduce the chances of pain and inflammation.

Foot, toe and heel supports include:

1. Heel Wedges – They can promote inversion or eversion depending upon their construction and prevent sliding of the ankle

2. Heel Flares – These are used to resist inversion and eversion to promote stability

3. Cushioned Heels – These supports allow rapid plantar-flexion and absorb impact during heel strike

4. Metatarsal bars – These bars remove pressure from metatarsal heads

5. Sole Flares – They promote stability while resisting eversion or inversion depending on their construction

6. Metatarsal Pads – These redistribute pressure and stress from the metatarsal heads

7. Toe Crests – These pads are crescent shaped and fill the voids under proximal phalanges

8. Scaphoid Pads –These provide support to the midfoot and hindfoot

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