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A trocar is a medical device that can function as a portal for the placement of other medical instruments like scissors, graspers, staplers etc. The use of trocars is very extensive human as well as veterinary surgeries. In veterinary practice, trocars are used to drain the hydrothorax, to aspirate bodily fluids and introduce surgical instruments during keyhole surgeries. Trocars are mainly used to drain fluids and in laparoscopic surgeries. With the use of trocars, surgeries can be performed without creating large abdominal incisions. Surgical trocars can also be used to aspirate the accumulated fluids and gases from the bodily cavities and hollow organs. Surgical trocars can be three-point, flat bladed or completely blade free (bladeless). Completely blade free trocars are known to be the safest for use. 

Parts of a Trocar 

The components of a trocar are: 

1. Obturator

2. Cannula

3. Seal

Modern day trocars can have various features including – 

1. Seal durability

2. Bladeless obturator

3. Low insertion force

4. Secure valve closure

5. Reduction in smudging

6. Direct visualization

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