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Weighing Scales are extremely important in medical set ups as weight is an important indicator of overall health and sudden decrease or increase in weight is considered dangerous and should be monitored by the physician. Medical set ups require various types of scales such as baby weighing scales, wheelchair scales, and mechanical scales. The weight of the patient can be used by the physician to calculate BMI in order to prescribe better treatment. It is ideally suggested to get your weight checked each time you visit a General Physician’s clinic and maintain a record of any fluctuations.

Weighing scales can also be kept at home to monitor weight regularly. Weighing regularly ensures proper monitoring of the weight and keeping a tab on any progressive weight gain or weight loss.

Weighing scales have many different types of displays including digital display, analog display, and displays on a separate indicator. Various configurations are also available for weighing scales including platform, portable, mobile, compact, and bench top.

There are various types of Weighing Machines which can be used depending on the degree of reliability, accuracy, portability, and comfort required. Scales which are water resistant, insulated, precise, durable and versatile should be preferred. Weighing scales are also available in aesthetically pleasing designs, shapes and colours which look stylish in any room or environment.

There are various trusted companies which are known for their superior quality Weighing Scales including Krups, Salter, and Omron. Many weighing scales such as the Omron HN-286 have advanced features such as 4 sensor accuracy technology and auto shut off.

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