28th May – Things To Know This International Women’s Health Day

28th May – Things To Know This International Women’s Health Day

May 28th is celebrated as the International Day of Action for Women’s Health, which marks 32 years of struggle, activism and awareness for sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). Women, girls, allies and advocates have spent years taking part in a number of campaigns for women rights with regard to healthcare.   

With violation of women health rights even in this age and time, we need more mobility within and beyond our communities to fight for what we deserve as basic human rights. The recent abortion ban in Alabama is a perfect example of how even today women don’t have the freedom to make decisions for themselves and their future. This ban is a clear attempt at curtailing women rights to decide freely on their bodies and lives.       

Such instances stress the importance for a movement against the oppressors and raising a generation that recognises the vast expanse of women health. The world needs to realise that women health isn’t just limited to pregnancy and child birth.                                 


The inception of this day was in 1987, during the IV International Women’s Health Meeting held at Costa Rica. It was proposed that the day should symbolise SRHR issues faced by women across the globe. It has been a challenging task to bring recognition to sexual as well as reproduction rights, ensuring access to contraceptives and abortion. It was also used as the perfect platform to advocate the concept of sexuality, reproductive and sexual rights at the regional, national and international levels. Introducing sexual education to youngsters and generating knowledge about safe sex was an integral part of the campaigns.

This is an opportunity to celebrate achievements in the field of women health and bring the government authorities, official figures and international agencies to commit to women health and well-being.   

Some of the key areas that need our attention to promote women health include:

  1. Right to safe and legal abortion

This is one of the most serious instances of violence against the sexual and reproductive health and rights. The recent ban in Alabama reflects on the regressive move that doesn’t allow women to choose their future.      

  • Access to contraceptives

Restrictions on abortion and contraceptive act as a threat to the basic human rights of women. A woman should have the freedom to choose if and when she wants to bear a child. You cannot let others to make that decision for her.           

  • Forced Sterilization

This is a serious violation of medical ethics and right to equality. It is considered to be cruel, inhuman and degrading. World over women have been forced to undergo permanent sterilization procedures.

We have come a long way in fighting for our rights and achieving freedom of choice with respect to our physical and mental wellness. But many parliamentary decisions across the world, in the recent past, have proved that a lot of work still needs to be done to generate awareness and expand the knowledge related to women health. International Women’s Health Day is a small step towards a better, brighter and a healthier future for our lady folks!       

Kunal Sood

Kunal Sood

Kunal has over 3 years working in the Real Estate Finance and Development industry in UK and India. He started his career as an acquisitions consultant analysing and structuring real estate investments in London and other parts of UK for a sovereign wealth fund.
Kunal Sood

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