Hospital Apparel, Linen and Personal Protection 

Hospital apparel, linen and personal protection equipment is used to protect health care workers and patients from health hazards in a hospital, nursing home, clinic and health care set up. This includes protective clothing, hand and foot protection, eye and face protection, respiratory protection, drapes, bibs and hospital linen. These products must be of superior quality and have no defects to ensure maximum safety. These products are aimed to minimizing exposure to biological hazards, chemical hazards and physical hazards. Causative agents can enter the body through skin absorption, inhalation, contact with mucous membranes etc and hence these products aim to protecting these areas. Hazards are commonly in the form of pathogens, secretions and fluids, body tissues, radiation and chemicals. The exposure to these hazards can be limited by choosing superior quality hospital apparel, linen and personal protection products

Smart Medical Buyer’s product portfolio for hospital apparel, linen and personal protection includes:

AIDS & Hepatitis Protection Kits

These kits are assembled with the aim of protection from exposure to AIDS and hepatitis virus. These kits usually include products like hood cap, triple layer face mask, water repellant surgical gown, plastic gloves, shoe covers, safety gloves and waste bags 

Dental Bibs

Dental bibs offers protection for the patient’s clothing from any spills that occur during a dental procedure 

Dental Drapes

Dental drapes protect the patient from any spills, splatters and particles that may otherwise spoil a patient’s clothing. These can be fenestrated to allow for surgical procedure 

Disposable Hospital Linen

Hospital linen includes bed covers, bed sheets, disposable towels and disposable pillow covers 

Face Masks

These masks resist entry of pathogens and are usually fluid resistant. They may be equipped with a bacteria filter 

Hospital and Surgical Caps

These are worn to prevent generalized and local infections

Hospital Aprons and Gowns

Hospital aprons and gowns are worn to avoid transmission of infections to the hospital and health care workers 

Radiation Protection Apparel

This apparel protects from radiations used in therapeutic purposes which can be harmful in the long run due to constant exposure  

Baby Wrappers

Newborns are extremely susceptible to infections and these baby wrappers are sterilized using Ethylene Oxide (ETO) and are extremely absorbable

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