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Buy Biomedical Waste Bags used in Hospital Waste Management for hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics

Biomedical waste is of  laboratory or medical origin which may be contaminated with transmittable materials hence medical waste management is of extreme importance. This is generated during diagnosis, prevention, detection, treatment or during research about healthcare. It is largely produced in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, morgues, dental clinics, blood banks, medical research labs, dental clinics, veterinary clinics. Hence biomedical waste management at all these places is crucial. Biomedical waste management is done with caution by following the protocols.

Biomedical Waste Management and Waste Disposal

Biomedical waste management prevents spread of infections. Sanitation workers, medical staff, patients, attendants are risk. Biomedical waste management prevents exposure through inhalation, mucous membrane contact, punctures, cuts in a healthy person. It is important to cogitate protocol while hospital waste management.

Biomedical waste is characterized as follows


This includes reagents or chemicals commonly used in healthcare labs or setups. Chemicals can cause corrosion, burns even poisoning


It’s comprised of body parts plus fluids


These have been collected from isolation wards, lab cultures etc. 


This can be expired or non-usable substances 


These are cytotoxic as well as genotoxic substances. These may be carcinogenic, mutagenic, irritating


It’s mainly needles, syringes, knives, scalpels etc. 

High metal content

This includes batteries, thermometers etc. used in medical industry

Pressurized containers

Gas cylinders, aerosol cans etc.

Segregation is important for applicable hospital waste management followed by waste disposal. Categorizing Biomedical waste to choose biomedical waste bag accordingly helps prevent intermixing thereby improves safe disposal. Biomedical Waste Management when done efficiently can prevent transmission of contagions to promote health.

Categories of Biomedical Waste According to WHO (World Health Organization) for hospital waste management

Category 1 – This includes human anatomical waste. Deep burial or burning is done for this biomedical waste

Category 2 – This biomedical waste is mainly animal material. deep burial as well as incineration  used for waste disposal

Category 3 – Can be formed during biotechnology and microbiology methods. Autoclaving, microwaving or incineration is commonly done.

Category 4 – It is containing sharps like syringes, needles, scalpels, blades which can cause perforation wounds. Shredding, autoclaving, microwaving, mutilation is recommended 

Category 5 – This category includes discarded drugs as well as cytotoxic material. Destruction is by disposal in safe landfills.

Category 6 – It is dressings, beddings,used casts. Autoclaving, microwaving & incineration is suggested for waste disposal

Category 7 – This comprises of  solids like tubing, catheters etc. Disinfecting by chemicals, autoclaving, microwaving is practiced

Category 8 – These are liquids. Disinfection followed by discard in drains is recommended 

Category 9 – This mainly is incineration ash which is created after incineration. Waste Disposal in landfill and chemical dealing is recommended 

Category 10 – This mainly are chemicals used in healthcare industry. Discharge to drains or secured landfills afterwards chemical handling is advocated 

These categories are considered during hospital waste management. Biomedical waste disposal has to be done more mindfully than any other garbage disposal due to risks involved. Biomedical Waste bag serve purpose to help with appropriate hospital waste management.

Biomedical waste management by colour coding segregation during Hospital waste management

Waste bags available in four colors make it extremely efficient to segregate various materials to dispose them according to protocols thereby avoiding disease.

- Yellow – This colored bag is for animal and human anatomical waste

- Red – This red code is for plastic like tubings, catheters, IV sets 

- Blue – This bag codes  for solid or sharp Biomedical waste like needles, syringes, scalpels etc. 

- Black – This colour code is for chemicals, discarded medicines, cytotoxic drugs and incineration ash 

Biomedical waste bag must be procured from authorized vendors. Biomedical waste bag ought to be of reliable quality to ensure adequate biomedical waste management safely.

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