Breathing Filter/ HME Filter

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Romsons BVF/HME Filter

- The Romsons BVF/HME Filters are passive humidification systems that retain heat and moisture from the patient's exhaled gas - This heat and moisture exchange filter ...

Rs. 995.68Rs. 3,330.0070% off

Romsons BVF/HME Filter

Rs. 995.68Rs. 3,330.0070% off
Rs. 995.68 Rs. 3,330.00 71% off

Romsons BVF/HME Filter


What is a Breathing Filter/ HME Filter?

Breathing filters and Heat and Moisture Exchangers (HME) help facilitate the normal warming, humidifying and filtering functions of the upper respiratory tract for a patient undergoing anesthesia or in intensive care.While heat and moisture exchangers regulate the inspired air by preventing the loss of moisture and heat, bacterial viral filters prevent transmission of hazardous particulate matter and microbes from the surrounding environment into the breathing system. The use of filters is recommended to reduce the risk of cross-infection during procedures involving anesthesia if the breathing system is used for more than one patient.HME filters also reduce the need for cleaning tubing and equipment, making them more convenient for healthcare personnel when compared to the use of active humidifiers. They are better-suited for short-term use (less than or equal to 96 hours) and during patient transfer.

How often should a HME Filter be changed? >

It is advised to replace the HME filter after each patient. When used continuously on a single patient, the HME filter should be changed every 24 hours or more frequently as is required.

Contraindications and Guidelines to the use of HME Filters:

They should not be used in the presence of:

  • • Active humidification
  • • Nebulizers
  • • In cases where the patient is producing copious or tenacious secretions
  • • In cases where the patient is suffering from pulmonary edema.
  • • In cases where the patient has expired tidal volume less than 70% of the delivered tidal volume (e.g., those with large bronchopleurocutaneous fistulas, tracheal tube cuff malfunction, or presence of uncuffed endotracheal tube).

HME Filters should be clearly visible and accessible in the system at all times in order to detect contamination, obstruction, or disconnection.Discretion should be used while positioning the filter in the artificial respiratory system and risk of blockages may hence be reduced by placing the filter above the level of the patient and the breathing system so that any liquid flows away from the filter.

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