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Datt Velswab Unsterile Gauze Swabs

- Datt Velswab is a unsterile gauze swab made from 100% cotton gauze fabric - Swabs have folded edges which ensure that there are no loose threads - They are bleached ...

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Datt Velswab Unsterile Gauze Swabs

Rs. 421.42Rs. 700.0040% off
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Datt Velswab Unsterile Gauze Swabs


Datt Mediproducts

Datt Mediproducts (DMPL) is a New Delhi based manufacturer of wound care dressings, bandages and casts (textile medical products). DMPL has a legacy of over 20 years and apart from selling in India, exports goods to a number of countries including United Kingdom, Japan, France, Germany and Australia. DMPL has a strong focus on quality and has certifications from ISO 9002, EN 46002, CE and GMP (schedule M). DMPL offers a full range of wound care and dressing products including gauze swabs (X ray lined, sterile & non sterile), laparotomy sponges (X ray lined, sterile & non sterile), surgical tapes, IV dressings, crepe bandages, adhesive bandages, composite dressings, dressing pads, cohesive bandages, casting tapes, plaster of paris (POP) bandages, compression bandages, anti-microbial bandages, stockinettes, retention bandages, bandages for venous ulcers and dressing kits. DMPL products find applications in nearly all healthcare establishments including OPD clinics, nursing homes, trauma centres, first aid centres, dispensaries and large hospitals. A number of these products are essential must haves for medical practitioners and centres where surgeries (especially orthopaedic), trauma cases and first aid treatments are being performed.

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All the leading brands of DMPL are available on Smart Medical Buyer.

  • - Velnet is a stockinette that protects the surface of the skin under compression. This is also used as an innermost bandage layer during lymphedema compression.
  • - Silvel is a nano crystalline silver coated anti microbial dressing which is indicated to be used for 1st and 2nd degree burns, donor skin grafting sites, diabetic foot ulcers and abscesses.
  • - Velfix T is a transparent sterile dressing for IV sites composed of polyurethane and acrylic adhesive.
  • - Velfix T+ contains a transparent sterile polyurethane dressing film with a non adherent absorbent pad and can be used for post operative wounds, abrasions and lacerations.
  • - Velkomp is a 100% cotton crepe type moderate compression bandage and is indicated for leg ulcers and post sclerotherapy (elimination of varicose veins).
  • - Velform – C is a retention bandage.
  • - Velpore is a hypoallergenic (less likely to cause allergies) latex free surgical paper tape.
  • - Softpacks are dressing kits which are available in four different assortments.
  • - Velcast is a fibre glass orthopaedic casting tape which is lighter and stronger than conventional POP plasters.
  • - Velpop is a plaster of Paris bandage which has an interlocked weave of cloth and is used for limb immobilization.
  • - Velfour is a four layered system of compression bandages to treat venous leg ulcers and related conditions. This performs graduated and sustained compression.
  • - Softlaps are laparotomy sponges available in sterile and non sterile variants. They are also available with or without X ray lines.

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