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ULV Micro Fogger Machine - Steel Finish

- The ULV Micro Fogger Machine provides excellent control of droplet size, even for near-invisible 0.5-10 micron droplets needed by concentrated ULV chemicals - The Mi...

ULV Micro Fogger Machine - Plastic Finish

- The ULV Micro Fogger Machine provides excellent control of droplet size, even for near-invisible 0.5-15 micron droplets needed by concentrated ULV chemicals - The Mi...

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Fogger machines are used in preference to conventional fumigator in hospital. These multipurpose devices have a variety of applications useful in healthcare set up. The area that is covered by a fogger machine is similar to that covered by a conventional fumigator. Fogger machine provides control of droplet size. Fogger machine provide rapid treatment time when compared to fumigator.  Micro Fogger are easy to use and do not require any additional skills to operate. This make micro fogger a very practical device.

A fogger machine achieves various objectives -

Humidification – A fogger machine can be used to humidify an area by fogging water. Humidification of air is an important process to make sure that air doesn’t get dry. Humidifying with a micro fogger ensures there isn’t a buildup of electrostatic. Mucous membranes also tend to dry out faster in non humid air. Humidification is also important to improve work efficiency at hospital.  Optimal humidity in air ensures that  patients and  healthcare staff is able to breathe easily without experiencing dryness in respiratory tract. With this process amount of dust in area is also reduced. This makes it a better choice than a fumigator.

Application of Germicides and sanitization purposes – It is used for sanitization purposes. Like a fumigator, micro fogger can be used to fumigate germicide for cleaning purpose. This allows germicides to be dispersed efficiently and evenly providing a safe and uniform sanitation for area using a micro fogger.

Control of mold and mildew – various fungicides, sporicides, and anti-mildew chemicals can be fumigated in each area using a fogger machine which will help to control growth of such organisms.

Odor Control – If odor neutralizers, masking chemicals or scents are fogged it can be a step for odor control.

Some trusted micro fogger are Ulv Fogger, Fogmaster microjet ulv fogger 7401, Tri jet fogger, ULV microfogger machine etc.  Concrobium fogger is another popular microfogger which is used with concrobium atomizable liquids. Micro Fogger should only be purchased from trusted vendor. A micro fogger ensures your healthcare set up is unlikely to get contaminated easily. Micro Fogger are multipurpose therefor a great investment. SMB has superior sourcing for Micro fogger from trusted brands such as ULV Micro fogger hence authenticity plus reliability is guaranteed.

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