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3M Rapid Multi-Enzyme Instrument & Equipment Disinfectant

- The 3M Rapid Multi-Enzyme Instrument & Equipment Disinfectant is used for manual and ultrasonic cleaning - It is equipped with unparalleled combination of speed ...

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3M Rapid Multi-Enzyme Instrument & Equipment Disinfectant


Buy Instruments and equipment detergents and disinfectants online in India

Instruments and equipment get get contaminated in healthcare set ups and pose a serious hazard to the patients as well as healthcare staff. Different equipment and instruments have diverse requirements and when it comes to selecting the ideal Disinfectant and Detergent an online medical store should be preferred as a range of disinfecting products would be obtainable at one place with all their specifications clearly mentioned so that the best product for a particular requirement can easily be selected.

Levels Of Disinfection

  1. Low Level Disinfection – It is used to disinfect non-critical skin contact equipments like stethoscopes, Blood Pressure machines, Tourniquet cuffs and ECG leads. The most common types are Quaternary Ammonium compounds.
  2. Intermediate Level Disinfection – It is used for disinfection of semi critical  instruments and equipment like bed side rails. These are usually water based phenolics, sodium hypochlorites, and alcohol based quaternary ammonium compounds.
  3. High Level Disinfection – These disinfectants are high level killing agents when used for appropriate contact time. These are usually glutaraldehydes, special hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid products.

Key Points to be considered while deciding to purchase Disinfectants and Detergents for equipments and instruments

  1. Level of disinfection needed -  Different equipments and instruments require different product specifications.
  2. Volume of product – Various sized packs are available in the market should be bought as needed to avoid expiration.
  3. Material Compatibility – Disinfectants are compatible to different materials and only the compatible disinfectant should be use to prevent damage to the equipment.
  4. Speed of disinfection – some disinfectants rapidly disinfect while some require more contact time.

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