Hygiene Labs 3 in 1 Skin & Surface Wipes

HYGIENE LABS 3 IN 1 SKIN & SURFACE WIPES These skin & surface wipes are perfect for instant clean-ups and sanitization on the go. Their alcohol-free formula...

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Hygiene Labs 3 in 1 Skin & Surface Wipes

Rs. 875.27Rs. 899.003% off
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Hygiene Labs 3 in 1 Skin & Surface Wipes


Nursing Supplies/ Patient Care

From checkups in the Out Patient Department to being admitted for care in the In Patient Department, a lot of products are used in a hospital or nursing home to prepare the patient for tests or procedures and helping the patient carry out  day to day biological activities. These make up the category of Nursing Supply or Patient Care products. Patient Care products are used at the patient bedside, pre surgery preparation, examination rooms, ICU, etc. Patient Care Supplies on Smart Medical Buyer are available from a number of reputed and renowned medical manufacturers.

Types of Nursing Supplies/Patient Care

1.Bedpans and Urine Pots

Bed pan and urine pot are portable toilet aids for male and female patients

2.Breast Pumps & Breast Feeding Accessories

Breast pump and breast feeding accessories allow extraction and storage of breast milk and also alleviate symptoms related to breastfeeding

3.Ear Plug

Ear Plug prevent the entry of dust, fluids and foreign body in the ear canal

4.Feeding Tubes and Bag

Feeding tube is used to supply nutrition during a endoscopic gastrostomy. Feeding bags are used for the gastro-intestinal feeding of patients

5.Medical Bags & Cases

Medical Bags & Cases are utilized for first aid material, Pathology samples, X-rays and stethoscopes.

6.Nasal Aspirator

Nasal Aspirator is used to remove nasal secretions continuously or intermittently

7.Pressure Mattress & Pillow

Pressure Mattress & Pillow are utilized to relieve pressure a bed-ridden patient’s body to prevent formation of bed ulcers or bed sores from sustained pressure

8.Syringe Pump

Syringe pumps are small infusion pumps that steadily administer fluid to a patient preventing agitation, pain and sickness associated to taking multiple injections.

Wide Range of Nursing Supplies and Patient Care products available online in India on Smart Medical Buyer

We have tie ups with companies like Romsons, Alpha Therapeutics, Niscomed, etc. for their Nursing Supplies products available at attractive prices on Smart Medical Buyer. Some of the most popular brands listed are ATPL Bedpan,Niscomed Breast Pump, Romsons Cell Mat Pressure Mattress, Romsons Feedy Feeding Tube, etc. All of these products can be ordered online to get delivery as per your convenience. Multiple payment options like Cash on Delivery, Credit/ Debit Card, Netbanking, RTGS/ NEFT Bank Transfers & Online Wallets are available.