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An ophthalmoscope is a medical device used to perform an ophthalmoscopy. An ophthalmoscopy is essential to determine the health of the retina, optic disc and vitreous humor. Ophthalmoscopy is used to detect symptoms of retinal vascular disease; glaucoma etc. Ophthalmoscope use involves check-up for patients with diabetes mellitus, ophthalmoscopies are required for routinely monitoring diabetic retinopathy. 

Types of Ophthalmoscopes 

Based on the type of ophthalmoscopy they are used for, ophthalmoscopes are of two types: direct and indirect ophthalmoscope.

Direct Ophthalmoscopes -

Direct ophthalmoscopes are used for distant direct ophthalmoscopy where the image produced is upright, un-reversed and of approximately 15 times magnification. The examination distance is preferred to be as close to the eye as possible. The accessible fundus view is slightly beyond the equator. In this type of ophthalmoscopy a condensing lens is not required, but examination through hazy media is not possible. The direct ophthalmoscope is about the size of a small torch light and has several lenses. Smart medical Buyer provides you minimal direct ophthalmoscope prices

Indirect Ophthalmoscope -

Indirect ophthalmoscopes are used for indirect ophthalmoscopy that produces inverted, reversed and direct images of about 2 to 5 times magnification. The examination distance is preferred to be at an arm’s length. The accessible fundus view is up to the peripheral retina. Condensing lens is required and examination through hazy media is possible. The indirect ophthalmoscope consists of a light attached to the headband and a small lens. It can either be monocular or binocularIndirect ophthalmoscope price is extremely affordable on Smart medical Buyer.  

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