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Raman and Weil

Raman and Weil has been a renowned company for infection control products since the year 1989. Raman and Weil's products are suitable for different needs and are constantly upgraded to revolutionalize infection control. Raman and Weil products are superior and have micro-biocidal efficacy which help prevent hospital acquired infections. These products are WHO and CDC compliant are accepted by many healthcare facilities.

The product portfolio for Raman and Weil includes-

  • Surface and Fogging disinfectants- This includes a range of micro-biocidal disinfectants. They are used for their germicidal action and to disinfect and sterilize efficiently.
  • Instrument and Endoscope Disinfectants- These products are safe for use on instruments and are available in generic and specialized ranges.
  • General Purpose Disinfectants- These products can be used on hospital linen, equipment, surfaces, skin etc for disinfection purpose.
  • Alcoholic Hand Rub- These are alcohol based hand rubs for effective germicidal action.
  • Hand and Body Washes- These are skin friendly hand and body washes having germicidal action.
  • Skin Antiseptics- These products are used on patient skin. There are a variety of hand rubs from Raman and Weil that can be used on injured skin, intact skin, for pre-surgical use and postsurgical use.
  • Inhalation Anaesthesia Products- Raman and Weil manufactures and markets 3 inhalation anesthetic agents - Sojourn (Sevoflurane), Isoflurane and Halothane.
  • Accessories- These products are useful for convenient use of disinfectants and antiseptics. This category includes dispensing stands, Immersion trays and gel sponge.

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