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Rs. 1,389.92 Rs. 1,800.00

Romsons Romo Incise Drape

- The Romsons Romo Incise Drape is available in the sizes of: - 10 X 15 cm - 15 X 28 cm - 28 X 30 cm - 28 X 45 cm - 45 X 60 cm - They come in a standard packing of 10 ...

Rs. 337.12Rs. 450.0025% off

Romsons Romo Incise Drape

Rs. 337.12Rs. 450.0025% off
Rs. 337.12 Rs. 450.00 26% off

Romsons Romo Incise Drape



Romsons is one of India’s largest medical devices and surgical product companies. It has its head office in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. They are also a leading exporter of medical devices to a number of countries. Their products are used by all types of healthcare providers and across all specialties with products falling in over 50 subcategories and are a leading player in a number of them. They are a one of its kind medical supplies house and very few companies across the world can claim to have the same breadth in their product portfolios. The company boasts offerings in a number of popular categories – anaesthesia supplies, medical instruments, needles & syringes, IV supplies, nursing supplies, wound closure & surgical supplies, urology, ostomy & incontinence, respiratory supplies, wound care & dressings, gloves, hospital apparel, dialysis supplies and point of care testing.

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Romsons’ product portfolio includes 2 way IV cannula, 3 way IV cannula, scalp vein set, hypodermic needles, syringe with needle, syringe without needle, IV administration sets, stop cocks, pressure monitoring (PM) lines, blood pressure monitor (BP machines – aneroid sphygmomanometer, digital BP monitor, dial check palm type BP machine, mercury free BP monitor), thermometer, nebulizers, nebulizer masks, latex foley catheters, silicon foley catheters, surgical gloves, surgical paper tapes, IV dressings, disposable face masks, anaesthesia silicon face masks, umbilical cord clamp, mucus extractor, oxygen mask, safety goggles, disposable under pads, urine bags, disposable gowns, AIDS (HIV) kit, blood glucose monitor, blood glucose testing strips, incise drape, central venous catheter (CVC catheter), epidural anaesthesia set, epidural catheter, pressure infusor cuff, spinal needle, dialysis guide wire, haemodialysis catheters, IV extension tubes (extension lines), guedel airways (oropharyngeal airways/ oral airways), sterile urine culture bottle, intercostal catheter (chest drainage catheter), suction catheter, male external catheter, urethral catheter, abdominal drainage kit (ADK), ECG electrodes, ET tube, plain endotracheal tube, reinforced endotracheal tube, feeding tube, nitrile gloves, micro infusion set, disposable skin preparation razor, IV cannula fixator, alcohol swab, blood administration set, tracheostomy tube, oxy set, ventilator circuit, spirometer (respirometer/ lung exerciser), catheter mount, breathing filter (HME filter), Bain circuit, wound closure suction set, laryngeal mask, stylets, yankaur suction sets, adult diapers, pressure mattress, colostomy bags, CVP manometer, drainage sheet, surgical marker pens, enteral feeding bag, manual resuscitators, T tubes, snugger set, syringe pumps, surgical caps, absorbable gelatine sponge, aspirators, fingertip pulse oximeter, burette chamber, suction drainage tube, examination gloves, epidural needle, IV connector, foley catheter holder and high concentration oxygen masks. Smart Medical Buyer sources and offers Romsons’ products at very attractive prices and ships Romsons’ products all over India. Romsons’ products can be ordered and bought online on Smart Medical Buyer with same day dispatch available. As a hospital, nursing home or doctor you can buy Romsons’ products online in small and large quantities online on Smart Medical Buyer.

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Romsons has some of the leading and fastest selling brands of medical devices in India which include – Nelaton Catheter, Suction Catheter, Tracheostomy Tube, Endotracheal Tube, Oxy Set, Bain Circuit, Colostomy Bag, Spinal Needle, Mattey Under Pad, Portneb Nebulizer, Urometer Urine Bag, Majesty Adult Diaper, Dignity Adult Diaper, Dermark Surgical Marker, Enteral Feeding Tube, Micron IV Cannula, Kenpore Plus Surgical Tape, Intraflon IV Cannula, Romo Chek Glucometer, Uro Cath Foley Catheter, Aeromac Nebulizer, Romo 10 Urine Bag, Respirometer Spirometer, Silko Cath Foley Catheter, Karespon Absorbable Gelatin Sponge, Uro Flex Urine Bag, Aeromist Nebulizer, Triflon IV Cannula, RMS Vented IV Administration Set, Romo ADK Abdominal Drainage Kit, Flexo Cath Intercostal Drainage Catheter, PM- O Line, Steri Flo IV Administration Set, CEE TEE Suction Catheter, Surgi Grip Surgical Gloves, Romo Vac Wound Closure Suction Set, Romo Drain Under Water Seal Drainage System, Oxee Check Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter, Mini Vac Wound Closure Suction Set, Foley Trac Foley Catheter, Vein – o – Line Extension Line and Romo Seal Under Water Seal Drainage System.