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Becton Dickinson (BD) Insulin Syringe

Becton Dickinson (BD)


  • Needle Size: 31 Gauge
  • Needle Length: 6 mm
  • Box of 10
  • U40/U100
  • Fine-Point Technology
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  • SMB Code : I53-151
  • MFG Code : 324902
  • Pack Size : Pack of 10
  • MRP : 75
73.9 (1% Off)

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  • The Becton Dickinson (BD) Insulin Syringes are engineered to be thinner and smoother for a more comfortable and less painful injection
  • Its electro-polishing feature polishes away microscopic burrs giving every needle a smooth finish
  • It has a micro-bonded lubrication process which creates more glide and less friction
  • It is equipped with fine-point technology to shape the tip of every needle as finely as possible for easier penetration using a three-step process
  • It comes with 2 graduation scales U-40 and U-100 versions
  • They are available in needle size of 31 gauge and needle lengths of 6 mm
  • They come in a standard packing of 10 units per pack

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