What is Smart Medical Buyer?

SmartMedicalBuyer.com is a portal that enables the distribution of medical consumables and hospital supplies through an online platform. The portal is run by Allumer Medical Private Limited (AMPL), a company founded by experienced professionals from the healthcare space. The primary objective is to remove information asymmetry and to streamline the purchase processes for healthcare providers with particular focus on product categories where the value added in the conventional go to market models is limited. We further strive to optimize the sales and distribution costs for manufacturers and principals of healthcare products by providing them an opportunity to enhance their penetration and coverage through a direct sales channel.

Healthcare providers in India face a variety of issues in sourcing their requirements:
  1. Am I getting the right price?
  2. What are the possible replacements of the products that I buy?
  3. How many vendors do I have?
  4. What are my options if I am not getting the desired service levels from my suppliers?
  5. Can tracking my orders be simpler and more accurate?
  6. Am I buying genuine products and from authorized distributors?

From the suppliers' perspective, healthcare in India offers some of the biggest opportunities for growth with the sector revenue growing at CAGR of 15.2% over the past 5 years and is slated to reach US $160 billion by 2017. Some of the undercurrents driving this growth are the increased penetration of private health insurance, the rise in preventive healthcare and universal health coverage initiatives in multiple states.


In this environment of rapid growth and a changing landscape, manufacturers face their own set of obstacles:
  1. Reach and penetration to all parts of the country
  2. Relatively high costs to sales ratio due to fragmented demand
  3. Lack of visibility of end customers of their products
  4. Lag in "time to market" new products/ companies
  5. Lack of control over the end prices of their products


We represent a logistics exchange for medical products so that access is made possible for all types of healthcare providers at the least possible cost. The constant endeavor is to provide patients with the best available solutions at affordable prices and to control the ever escalating expenditure on medical procedures by ensuring that all efficiencies are adequately captured.

Amongst its core strengths, SmartMedicalBuyer.com counts its understanding of the needs of various stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem, differentiated technology solutions mapped to each of these needs, its network amongst principals of healthcare products and a repository of granular information of the provider landscape in the geographies where it plans to operate.

Our Vision

To simplify the procurement ecosystem for healthcare providers and to create the most efficient market access pathways for manufacturers and principals of healthcare supplies in India.


Our Mission
  1. To become India's most trusted and largest supply chain partner in the healthcare domain
  2. To leverage technology to provide access, convenience and cost savings to all stakeholders
  3. To shape procurement and distribution decision making through easy access to relevant information
  4. To remove the barriers of geography and distance in availability of medical products
  5. To build an organization that attracts the most talented and driven individuals who contribute in the realization of our dream of affordable healthcare for all Indians