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  • Intersurgical Bain Circuit online
  • Intersurgical Bain Circuit online

Intersurgical Mapleson D Bain Circuit

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  • The lightweight versions of the most commonly used anaesthetic breathing systems in the Mapleson classifications which were first published over sixty years ago by Prof. W W Mapleson
  • The Intersurgical Mapleson D Bain coaxial breathing system is designed to use with Bain adaptors (no valve or bag), 1.6m
  • A Bain circuit is an anaesthesia delivery system that connects a patient’s airway to the anaesthesia machine. It creates an artificial atmosphere through which a patient breathes in and out.
  • Bain circuits use a high fresh gas flow to deliver anesthetic gases to the patient’s airway and to wash out the exhaled carbon dioxide. An inner tube delivers fresh gases and an outer corrugated tube serves as the outlet for exhaled gases. A Bain circuit ensures that there is no re-breathing of the exhaled gases.
  • Bain Circuit offered comprises co-axial modification of basic T-piece system which has been developed for facilitating scavenging of waste anesthetic gases. As a tube carrying fresh gas, it travels inside outer reservoir tube to endotracheal tube connector.
  • Mapleson breathing systems are used for delivering oxygen and anaesthetic agents and to eliminate carbon dioxide during anaesthesia. They consist of different components: Fresh gas flow, reservoir bag, breathing tubes, expiratory valve, and patient connection.
  • One of the best advantage of these bain circuits is that they are compact and inexpensive, they facilitate the scavenging of waste gases, have low dead space and offer low resistance to breathing.
  • It is recommended to use a bain circuit with extreme care as it will be a major risk if in case the inner tube of the bain circuit breaks or is disconnected then the entire system turns into dead space.
  • Components of a bain circuit includes:
    ◦ A corrugated, flexible and low resistance tubing
    ◦ An expiratory valve which is located near the reservoir bag and is opened fully or partially depending on the type of ventilation that is being administered to the patient. Types of valves include the adjustable pressure limiting (APL) valve and the Heidbrink valve which is a unidirectional valve.
    ◦ Reservoir Bags - The anti-static reservoir bags supplied vary in capacity depending on their use i.e. for adults or paediatrics. It can be easily removed to attach a ventilator hose allowing for mechanical ventilation.

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