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Hypodermic Needles and Syringes are the most widely used medical devices across hospitals, nursing homes & clinics. These are probably the most basic medical devices used on patients of all types. A Syringe is a pump which consists of a plunger inside a tube. They are used in various procedures, be it a child being vaccinated or an adult suffering from a toothache getting a pain killer injected in the gums before a dental procedure. Syringes are of many types- Syringe with Needle, Syringe without Needle, Luer Lock Syringe, Luer Mount Syringe or Luer Slip Syringe, Insulin Syringe, etc. The open end of the Syringe can be fitted with a hypodermic needle or a tubing based on the area of use. Similarly, needles are of various types - Hypodermic Needle, Blood Collection Needle, Insulin Pen Needle, Introducer Needle, Safety Needle, etc. A blood collection needle is used to draw blood for a variety of tests, while an introducer needle us used to make a puncture to gain access before a surgical procedure. Syringes and Needles in a variety of styles suitable for every need, along with sharps disposal containers to store them safely after use, are available on Smart Medical Buyer.

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We have over 10 brands of Syringes and 10 brands of Needles currently listed on Smart Medical Buyer. Along with the fast moving sizes (2 ml, 3 ml, 5 ml Syringe), we also stock the slow moving sizes (10 ml Syringe, 20 ml Syringe) ensuring easy availability and quick service timelines for needles & syringes for all codes. There are any array of payment options with delivery all across India. The fast moving codes have a same day dispatch whereas the slower moving codes are dispatched within two days of the order.

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We have hypodermic needles, syringes with needle and syringes without needle from Becton Dickinson (BD), Biomed Healthcare & Romsons. Popular brands available are Dispo Van, Unolok, Mr Inject, Emerald, Emerald Pro, Solojet & Soloshot among others. Apart from syringes & needles, we also have a very wide portfolio of IV, Infusion & Transfusion products online including IV Sets, Pressure Monitoring Lines, IV Cannulas, etc.