Urology, Ostomy & Incontinence

Urology Ostomy Incontinence

Urology, Ostomy and Incontinence Products

Urology, Ostomy and Incontinence Supplies on Smart Medical Buyer cover all major products like Abdominal Drainage Kits, Adult Diapers, Foley Catheters, External Catheters, Intermittent (Nelaton) Catheters, Urine Bags, Under Pads, etc. These products help people living with ostomy or incontinence manage the condition.


Types of Urology, Ostomy and Incontinence Products

There are various types of products available in which help manage ostomy and incontinence and also alleviate symptoms associated to the complications of having undergone these procedures.

  1. 1. Abdominal Drainage Kit

It is connected to a catheter and promotes efficient drainage.

  1. 2. Adult Diapers

It is used by adults suffering from incontinence, dementia, mobility limitation and people unable to have a voluntary control on urinary discharge and bowel movements. These are available in brief style and Pull Up style.

  1. 3. Foley Catheter

It is a thin sterile tube that is passed through the urethra into the urinary bladder and drains urine in an external bag.

  1. 4. Irrigation Sets

It is utilized for endoscope irrigation during trans Urethral resection of prostate gland. Irrigation set is nontoxic & non-irritating.

  1. 5. Male External Catheter

It is a flexible tube utilized for emptying the urinary bladder into a urinary bag. It is used by patients suffering from incontinence, post-surgery and pelvic related complications.

  1. 6. Ostomy Care Products

This includes ostomy pouches, ostomy bags, ostomy pastes, ostomy powders, barrier films and deodorizing filters.

  1. 7. Penile and Testicular Implants

Penile Implants are surgically implanted in the penis to help patients with erectile dysfunction. Testicular implants are implanted in the scrotum to fill in the space after a orchiectomy for normal appearance.

  1. 8. Underpads

These sheets are used to protect surfaces against damage due to incontinence. Underpads also restrict bacterial growth and minimize odor.

  1. 9. Urethral and Nelaton Catheter

These catheters are used for intermittent catheterization and are used for short term.

  1. 10. Urine Bags

Urine bags are used to store urine temporarily and is attached to a catheter that connects to the patient’s bladder through a tube. They are available as leg bag or drainage bag.

  1. 11. Urological Drape

A urological drape is used during trans urethral resection of prostate. The drape prevents fluid and fabric transfer.


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