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Buy Coloplast Colostomy Bag, Urostomy Bag, Stoma care products at the best price online in India 

Coloplast is a Danish company founded in 1957. Coloplast manufactures products useful for stoma management, wound care and incontinence management after colostomy, ileostomy, or urostomy. Coloplast’s trusted range include colostomy bag, urostomy bag as well as stoma maintenance equipment.

1. Ostomy Care

These offer solution to needs of people living with stoma after colostomy, urostomy or ileostomy. colostomy bag, urostomy bag, lubricating deodorant, baseplate, belt, elastic tape, irrigation sets, self-adhering charcoal filter, clamps etc. are included in this category. Urostomy creates a stoma for urinary system and colostomy creates a stoma for colon.  Urostomy bag remain convenient for draining the urine after urostomy procedure whereas colostomy bag is utilized to empty contents of colon after colostomy through the newly created stoma. Colostomy bag change needs to be learnt for easy removal once the bag is full. Specifications should be considered before buying a urostomy pouch or colostomy pouch. Urostomy bag can be transparent or opaque. Colostomy bag can be of one piece or two piece. After undergoing Urostomy or Colostomy procedure a few changes in lifestyle have to be observed for stoma maintenance and stoma management apparatus help with adjusting changes to stoma.

2. Continence Care

Coloplast tackles incontinence issues including leakage of urine or feces as well as inability to empty bladder or bowel. These should be discreet, stress-free to apply, minimally noisy plus prevent odour. Continence care includes Urisheath, security leg bedside and drainage bag, anal plug, catheters and leg bag strap.


3. Wound Care

These dressings can be used for numerous conditions. They may be used for Acute wounds, leg ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, pressure ulcers, donor sites, necrotic wounds, postoperative wounds, second degree burns, abrasions and traumatic lesions. 


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