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Nobel Hygiene

Nobel Hygiene

Nobel Hygiene offers Friends adult diapers, underpads and ultrasound gels.

Adult diapers are helpful for people who suffer from the problem of incontinence, bladder control and other health issues and find difficulty in controlling urinary functions. Adult diapers are also useful for those people who cannot access the toilet frequently such as being on bed rest. Such situations can cause embarrassment to the person due to discomfort, along with lack of sleep at night and restrict his/her mobility as the person is not able to control urine and bowel movement. Using an adult diapers ensures that the person is being provided comfort psychologically and physically. These diapers absorb urine, keeping the skin dry and avoiding rashes. Adult diapers are convenient to use and they are easily disposable. It is important to change them as and when required and dispose them properly to maintain good hygiene.

Friends adult diapers were launched in India in 2000 and have been in the Indian market for 17 years. Their products are manufactured keeping the Indian body type in mind. The products that Friends adult diapers manufacture include:

• Easy adult diapers: These adult diapers have good absorbency and provide protection of 8 hours

• Premium adult diapers: These diapers not only have a good absorbency but also provide protection for 10 hours and come with a wetness indicator which can help the person decide when it is time to change the diaper

• Overnight diapers: These are super absorbent and protect for up to 16 hours. The back sheet on the diaper helps avoid the diaper from twisting and turning, providing the wearer comfort during their sleep at night

• Underpads: These diapers help to avoid leakage on bed with their gel technology

Nobel Hygiene Ultrasound gels is a non staining, non greasy, water soluble imaging gels which reduce the friction and act as a coupling media. Ultrasound gels are made using special formulas which do not damage the transducer head. It’s a non greasy gel which does not leave stains on the patient’s skin. Ultrasound gels reduce the friction between transducer head and skin and are applied in the area where transducer would be placed and moved. It is available in a 250 ml bottle.

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