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Sutures India

Sutures India (SIPL) is a Bengaluru based Indian manufacturer of medical devices and consumables. SIPL is one of the pioneers of medical devices in India and was established in 1992. Apart from a robust presence in India, SIPL exports its products goods to over 90 countries spread across Europe, Africa, South America and Asia. SIPL has a strong focus on quality and a number of quality certifications including ISO 9001 (International Organization for Standardization, Switzerland), CE (European Conformity) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). SIPL offers a wide range of surgical products including surgical sutures (absorbable and non absorbable), bone wax, foley catheters, surgical (hernia) meshes, pacing wire, pledgets, skin staplers, surgical gloves, surgical staple removers, Surgical Medical Tape, loop ligatures and tissue adhesives. Sutures India products find applications in nearly all healthcare establishments including OPD clinics, nursing homes and large hospitals.

Complete Range of Sutures India products available online in India on Smart Medical Buyer

All the leading brands of SIPL are available on Smart Medical Buyer including:

  • Trusteel is a non absorbable, stainless steel suture indicated for orthopaedic surgeries and sternum closures.
  • Trugut Catgut Plain suture is made from the submucosal layer of ovine intestines.
  • Trubond is a braided and coated polyester suture.
  • Trusynth is a polyglactin 910 suture used across a variety of surgeries.
  • Sutures India Pledgets are used as a buttress under sutures when there is a risk of sutures cutting through tissues. These are used in suturing post vascular, myocardial and valve repair closures.
  • Prosorb is a composite mesh made from polypropylene and polyglycolic acid.
  • Trucath is a 2 way foley catheter which is made from natural rubber latex with a coating of silicone.
  • Truloop is a pre tied surgical ligature which is used in laparoscopic procedures (appendectomy, hysterectomy, cholesystectomy etc.)
  • Truseal is a skin adhesive indicated for the sealing of cuts, lacerations and surgical wounds.
  • X – Tract is a disposable skin stapler remover.
  • Trupace is a cardiac pacing wire.
  • Truwax is a bone wax made from beeswax, paraffin wax and iso propyl palmitate and is used in surgical procedures which require the cutting of bones such as neurosurgery and maxillofacial surgery.
  • Truskin are sterile (disposable) and non sterile (reusable) powdered surgical gloves and are available in all sizes.

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As a hospital, nursing home or individual medical practitioner you can buy Sutures India products online in small and large quantities on Smart Medical Buyer. You can order these products on the Smart Medical Buyer iOS and Android apps as well. We have a direct tie up with Sutures India and serve as an authorized online seller for their products in India. All products are offered at attractive prices and are usually despatched within 24 hours of order confirmation. You can view in detail the extensive catalogue with all product details and instructions for use on our site. We also have a very wide range of other Surgical Supplies that you can check. Apart from Sutures India, other companies listed on Smart Medical Buyer in this category are Ethicon SuturesFine SurgicalsCovidien SuturesEthicon Endo Surgery,Romsons, etc.