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A breast pump is a device used by lactating women to mechanically extract and store breast milk. Most breast pumps work on the principle of a baby's natural sucking rhythm. Most breast pumps have a collection of pumped breast milk allowing for storage of breast milk to feed the baby even when the mother is not around the baby. There are various breast pumps available having different pumping mechanisms:

1. Piston Pumps - These breast pumps use a piston which is drawn through a cylinder to create suction. These have a low speed and low noise, while having a higher reliability and longer life

2. Rotary vane pumps - These breast pumps create suction using a cam having with retractable vanes to create suction. These pumps are not used widely

3. Diaphragm Pumps - These breast pumps have a lever which acts on the diaphragm with thousands of cycles per minute

Types of Breast Pumps

1. Manual Breast Pumps

These breast pumps are small and cost-effective. The user has to repeatedly pull or squeeze a handle to generate suction. They allow for only one breast to be pumped at a time and are useful for infrequent use

2. Electric Breast Pumps

These breast pumps are further divided into two categories - hospital grade electric breast pump and personal use breast pump. Hospital grade pumps are larger and are usually used for use by multiple people. Personal use pumps are used by one person and are smaller in size. These breast pumps provide faster suction and some electric breast pumps can pump both breasts simultaneously. These are useful for frequent use

Benefits of using a breast pump for a lactating mother

1. A breast pump can stimulate lactation

2. A breast pump can relieve engorgement which is a painful condition and prevents proper latching of the baby

3. A breast pump allows for some rest to the mother while the baby can be fed the pumped breast milk by a caregiver

4. A breast pump allows a working mother to return to work while the nutrition of breast milk would still available to the baby by storing the pumped breast milk

How to choose a Breast Pump?

1. Frequency of Use - A breast pump should be bought while keeping in mind the frequency of use

2. Storage - Some breast pumps allow for direct storage of pumped breast milk in a container/disposable bag

3. Cost - There are several breast pumps available having a wide price range

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