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Abdominal Drainage Kit

What is an Abdominal Drainage Kit (ADK)?

Abdominal drainage kits are used in the post-operative stage to enable drainage of excessive fluids from the peritoneal cavity. They are used, for example, in paracentesis procedures for draining abdominal ascites. The product is intended for use by medical practitioners. The product should not be re-used to avoid instances of infection and contamination. It is generally advised not to drain more than 2000 ML from the peritoneal cavity in a single session. Possible complications associated with the excessive draining of the abdominal fluid include protein depletion, electrolyte imbalance, and peritonitis. Procedural difficulties like infection, pain during the removal of fluid, skin irritation, low blood pressure and occlusion may also arise.

What are the specifications of Abdominal Drainage Kits (ADK)? 


  1. 1. Abdominal drainage kits consist of a soft and smooth catheter which has large eyes for smooth drainage with the proximal end of the catheter being connected to a drainage collection bag/ pouch
  2. 2. The catheter has diameters ranging from 16 to 38 French
  3. 3. The catheters are generally marked with a radio-opaque line to ensure visibility under x ray
  4. 4. The drainage collection bags generally have a capacity of 2000 ml and are graduated so that the volume of drainage from the patient’s cavity can be measured and controlled
  5. 5. ADKs are sterile products and are meant for single use


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