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Adult Diapers

Adult Diapers

Adult diapers are disposable diapers that are meant to be worn by any person who has a larger body than that of a toddler or infant. These are meant to be used for adults who are suffering from conditions like faecal and urinary incontinence, paralysis or any other type of mobility limitation, digestive disorders and dementia. In such conditions people are not able to exercise normal control over urinary discharge and bowel movements and therefore find utility in elderly diapers to maintain hygiene. They are also used by other professionals where the occupation does not allow them easy access to a toilet. This list includes astronauts, deep sea divers, pilots and several others. There isn’t any significant difference between adult diapers for men and women.

In healthcare environments it is advisable to refer to old people diapers as briefs and not as diapers to maintain the dignity of the afflicted person. Adult Diapers online are available on healthcare portals. Adult Diaper online should only be procured from authorized vendors. Buying adult diapers online is beneficial as you can compare various brands and specifications before making a choice. Buying Adult Diapers online also gives you the option to purchase your desired product from the comfort of your home.

Types of Adult Diapers

There are two main types of adult disposable diapers available

  1. 1. Brief Adult Diapers

- These elderly diapers have tabs on the side. Cloth- like backing or plastic backing is also present in this type of adult diaper. Brief type adult diapers usually also have refasten-able tabs or non-refasten-able tabs.

  1. 2. Pull Up Adult Diapers

- These adult diapers pull up like underpants and have no tabs present. Due to this, they are much easier to take on and off. You can find these diapers on Smart Medical Buyer. Buying adult diapers online from Smart Medical Buyer ensures you get reliable and good quality products at the best price.

Apart from these two basic types, pads are another type of adult diapers for women used exclusively by this gender.

What should one look at in deciding on buying Adult Diapers Online?

- Cost effectiveness

It is an important aspect for those who have to use adult diapers over a long period of time as diapers will have to be changed multiple times a day. Since adult diapers must be used frequently by the wearer, it shouldn't be extremely expensive and be affordable for the patient.

- Neutralization of odour

It must be effective to not inconvenience those around the person wearing the adult diaper and it has been noticed that less odour works well for the confidence levels of the afflicted person. If a diaper has microbial growth control, the odour is significantly reduced.

- Absorption capacity

The absorption capacity shall depend on the duration of wearing the elderly diaper and type of incontinence. Generally, lighter diapers will offer lower absorption levels and those with higher absorption levels are bulky. Adult Diapers Should be highly absorbent to limit the contact time with the skin preventing any rashes and sores.

- Personal preferences

- Size is an important element while buying adult diapers. One should go for a size which gives a tight but comfortable fit

- Control of Microbial growth is an important feature as adult diapers are prone to bacterial growth which can have serious consequences such as Urinary tract infections.

- Gender specific adult diapers are also available given the differences in the urinary flows between men and women

- Leak Proof - Diapers with super absorbent polymers should be bought as they prevent any spillage and leak.

These features should be looked for while buying adult diapers in wholesale online. Many popular old people diapers online have these features while being cost effective.

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Smart Medical Buyer offers adult diapers online from Romsons and Wetex in 3 sizes - medium, large and extra large. Romsons diapers are available in two variants - Dignity and Majesty. As a hospital or nursing home, you may require old people diapers for patients with incontinence and mobility limitations and to ensure that hygiene levels are maintained. When you buy Adult Diapers Online in wholesale from SMB, we provide door step delivery to ensure you have the most convenient purchase experience. We deliver all across India and have a host of payment options to ensure that the buyer has the best experience when sourcing medical supplies. You can buy adult diapers online in all small and large quantities on Smart Medical Buyer at the lowest prices available online in India.