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CTVS Accessories are commonly used in Cardiothoracic and vascular surgeries. Some commonly used products in CTVS Accessories category are –

  1. 1. Drainage Bag

Drainage Bags are utilized for collection of thoracic fluid after surgery

  1. 2. Cardiothoracic Drape

This water repellant drape is used during surgery and allows for minimal fibre transfer

  1. 3. Y connector Surgery

Y connector one incoming line to two outgoing lines

  1. 4. Drainage bottle

Drainage bottle is used for pleural drainage in conjugation with the chest drainage catheters

  1. 5. 2 Way reducer connector

It provides leak free connection for cardiac surgery

  1. 6. 2 way straight connector

It has universal fit and provides leak free connection

  1. 7. Aortic Punch

This anastomotic device is used to create a hole in the aorta for grafting procedure

  1. 8. Vascular Loop (Maxi & Mini)

Vascular loop is utilized to occlude, retract and identify the vessels, veins, nerves and tendons.

  1. 9. Snugger Set

Medical grade device used for putting purse string suture during CABG surgery

  1. 10. Vente Ventricular Stump

Used for decompression purpose

  1. 11. Under Water Seal drainage system

Utilised for cardiac and thoracic surgeries and can be used on adults and kids with different system.

  1. 12. Under Water Seal Drainage system bag

Utilised for collection of drainage fluid from the chest cavity

  1. 13. Aortic Cardio perfusion cannula

It is utilized to return blood from bypass circuit to systemic arterial circulation.


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