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The procedure of recording the electrical activity of the heart using electrodes placed on the body is known as Electrocardiography (ECG) and the machine used to enable this is called an ECG Machine or EKG Machine. This is a test performed commonly during regular health check-ups or heart check-ups. It may be recommended more often in people having cardiac disorders. It is a non-invasive procedure and an ECG report generated through this process gives a lot of information of the heart to the doctor/technician trained on interpreting ECG reports.

ECG machine can provide information on the heart rate and heart rhythm, the size of the chambers of the heart, any damage to the muscle in the walls of the heart, side effects of medication on the heart, find the cause of chest pain, monitor implanted mechanical devices such as pacemakers and abnormalities caused by other health conditions in the form of waveforms. The heart's impulses generate the readings called an electrocardiograph. An ECG report is printed on special paper known as ECG paper. An ECG report is usually sought in cases like suspected myocardial infarction, cardiac murmur, cardiac arrhythmia, seizures, preoperative monitoring, etc.

There are various types of ECG machines which can be used depending on the degree of realiability, accuracy, portability, and comfort required. Some popular types are 12 Lead ECG Machine, 5 Lead ECG Machine, 3 Lead ECG Machine, Holter Monitor ECG Machine, Stress ECG Machine, Wireless ECG Machine and Portable or Hand Held ECG Machine.

12 lead ECG Machine- It consists of three standard limb leads, three augmented limb leads and six precordial leads.

5 Lead ECG Machine- This ECG machine consists of 5 electrodes and is used for continuous monitoring.

3 Lead ECG machine- This ECG machine utilizes 4 electrodes that are each placed on i wlimb. It is used for continuous monitoring.

Holter Monitor ECG Machine- This is a battery powered device capable of monitoring the heart. It is usually used for prolonged monitoring.

Hand-held ECG Machine- These ECG machines are portable and compact in size and are useful for evaluation outside a clinical setting.

Wireless ECG- These ECG machines evaluate the heart without the patient being attached to wires which makes it more comfortable.

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