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Gauze Swabs

Gauze swabs are a part of first aid kits and are used in dressing wounds, cleansing of skin that is damaged, padding and protection from contamination, absorbing blood, application of antiseptics and as absorbent sponges. These are available in options such as non sterile gauze swab, sterile gauze swab, cotton gauze swab and surgical gauze swab. Gauze swabs are usually made of woven and cotton material. They are indicated for single use per swab and should be discarded as medical waste after use. They are used extensively in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, dispensaries, healthcare set ups and first aid boxes. 

Various types of gauze swabs are: 

1. Cotton Gauze Swab

2. Surgical Gauze Swab

3. Sterile Absorbent Gauze Swab 

4. Non Sterile Absorbent Gauze Swab 

Gauze swabs should have features like: 

1. Gauze swabs with folded edges prevent fraying and loose threads 

2. Satisfactory absorbency levels which absorbs exudate

3. Gauze swabs are usually non adherent and do not stick to the wound site

4. Gauze swabs are usually available in pre-packaged boxes to maintain hygiene and utility

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