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Gauze Swab Sterile X Ray

Buy Gauze Swab Online in India for hospitals, Nursing homes, clinics and health care set ups from Smart Medical Buyer

Gauze Swab can be of two kinds – Sterile Gauze Swabs and Non Sterile Gauze Swab. Gauze Swabs are ideal for one time use and are discarded post use as medical waste.

  1. 1.Sterile Gauze Swab

Sterile Gauze Swabs are usually sterilized using gamma Irradiation and Ethylene Oxide. Sterile Gauze Swabs are bleached using hydrogen peroxide with demineralized water.. The cotton gauze swab ensures the absorbability. Absorbent gauze swab is used to wick away bodily fluids.. These absorbent gauze swab have no fraying edges to prevent residual fiber deposition. Some of these gauze swabs are available with an x-ray detectable line.

  1. 2.Paraffin Gauze Swab

is non-adherent and is coated with medical grade paraffin. Paraffin Gauze Swab is also easier to change and replace

  1. 3.Unsterile gauze swab

Unsterile Gauze swab  are also available in various thickness and are made using cotton gauze fabric. The folded edges ensure no loose ends upon application.


Gauze swab ideally must have features like –

- Folded edges that prevent fraying and loose filaments thereby preventing deposition of residue fibers

- Adequate absorbency levels which absorbs exudate and bodily fluids adequately

- Availability in pre-packaged boxes to sustain hygiene

While purchasing sterile gauze swab, non-sterile gauze swab, paraffin gauze swab or unsterile gauze swab always compare from different brands and source from credible and authorized vendors to ensure authenticity of the product. You should consider some of the best gauze swab online. Datt softswab gauze swab, Divine India Vivon and Datt Velswab are some popular gauze dressing swab brands. When purchasing these brands from Smart Medical Buyer you can be assured of quality and reliability.


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