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Lumbar Spinal & Back Supports

The spine is a bony structure consisting of twenty four vertebrae that protect the delicate spinal cord. Lumbar spine consists of five vertebrae from L1 to L5 and is commonly referred to as the "Lower Back". Weakness of core muscles or over use of back muscles can often cause problems with the lumbar spine. Lumbar and back support devices are designed to treat and manage pain caused due to several reasons including sciatica, a slipped disk, spinal stenosis, facet syndrome, degenerative disk disease etc. Lumbar spinal and back supports can also stabilize the lumbar spine after an injury or surgery, reduce postural fatigue, maintain natural low back curve and alleviate pain due to mechanical stress. Certain occupations and hobbies put people at a greater risk for developing lumbar spine related pain. The use of lumbar spinal and back support keeps the posture correct and avoids injury to the muscles, ligaments and tendons of the lumbar spine. A lumbar spine and back support aid is prescribed to support the lumbar spine while allowing for isolated rest. Lumbar spinal supports can restrict the motion in the area but not completely prevent it. Back supports are often used by people with a desk job or people who take long flights as it helps to maintain the spine in a neutral position.

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