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Ostomy Care Products

Ostomy Care Products

Ostomy is a surgical procedure to create an opening on the abdominal wall which allows an alternative route for the urine and feces to be eliminated by the body.This opening is called as "Stoma" and resembles the mucous membrane of the mouth. Indications for ostomy include bladder, colon or rectal cancer, Crohn'sdisease, spina bifida, ulcerative colitis, obstruction, gunshot wounds etc. There are 3 types of ostomies:ileostomy, urostomy and colostomy.


Ileostomy is a surgical ostomy that creates an opening in the ileum to bypass the large intestine. An Ileostomy is indicated in cases of Crohn'sdisease, colorectal cancer, ovarian cancer, ulcerative Colitis etc. Ileostomy procedures are of two types - end ileostomy and loop ileostomy. In an end ileostomy, the colon and rectum are surgically removed and the end of the ileum is brought out through the stoma.In loop ileostomy, the rectum and colon are not removed but a loop from the small intestine is brought out through the small intestine.


Urostomy is a surgical procedure for urinary diversion that directs the urine to leave the body after a surgical removal of a diseased or damaged part of the urinary tract. Urostomy is indicated after extensive surgery, spinal cord deformity, neuromuscular disorders or obstruction. There are two main types of urostomy. Ileal conduit urostomy, wherein a short segment of the end of intestine is used to create the stoma while the other end is connected to the ureters allowing for a urine passage through the newly formed ileal conduit into the stoma where it is collected by an ostomy bag.Ureterostomy is the second type of urostomy wherein the ureters are directly connected to the abdominal wall to create a stoma. The flow of urine is not controlled hence an ostomy bag has to be placed at the stoma to collect the urine.


Colostomy is a surgery where the end of the large intestine is diverted to an incision in the abdominal wall to create a "stoma" where a pouch to collect feces can be attached. A colostomy may be performed in cases of an injury, blockage, Crohn'sdisease, colorectal cancer, colonic polyps, chronic IBS, ulcerative colitis and diverticulitis. A colostomy may be temporary or permanent.By diverting the bodily waste, the intestine can be allowed to heal its irritated and inflamed areas and once healing is complete the colostomy can be removed to restore the normal functioning. In case a part of intestine cannot be recovered or is permanently injured, a permanent colostomy may be necessary. There are 4 types of colostomy.

Sigmoid colostomy is done to divert the waste from the bottom portion of the large intestine. The stool produced after sigmoid colostomy is more solid when compared to other types of colostomies.

In transverse colostomy the transverse colon passes through the top of the abdomen. Transverse stool is usually softer as water has not been completely absorbed from it. Transverse colostomy is further divided into loop Colostomy, single barrel colostomy and double barrel colostomy.

Descending colostomy has the descending colon passing through the left side of the abdomen. The stool produced after a descending colostomy is firmer because the stool has passed through the functioning parts of the colon and extra water has been absorbed by the body.

Ascending colostomy is done at the ascending colon which is located from the starting of the intestine and passes from the right side of the intestine. In this type of colostomy a small part of the intestine remains functional and it increases the liquid content ofthe stool.

Ostomy Management

Ostomy care products are available to help with maintenance of the ostomy.Ostomy pouches collect the expelled stool or urine and prevent unexpected spilling. There are a variety of colostomy pouches available including one piece drainable pouch, one piece closed pouch, drainable pouch and the two piece system.

  • Closed Ended Bags - These ostomy bags are usually discarded after use. These types of ostomy bags are useful for people who need to irrigate regularly
  • Open Ended Bags - These bags are closed with a device and can be opened and cleaned to be used again
  • One Piece Bag System - This type of ostomy bag system does not require an assembly of the skin barrier with the ostomy bag. The entire system needs to be removed whenever cleaning is required
  • Two Piece Bag System - This type of ostomy bag system is made by assembling the skin barrier and ostomy bag. This bag system can be used with different bags to be worn during different activities and the entire system need not be replaced each time cleaning is required.

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