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Ostomy procedure is generally indicated after an injury, blockage, Crohn’s Disease, Colorectal cancer, Colonic Polyps, Chronic IBS, Ulcerative colitis, Ovarian Cancer, extensive surgery, spinal cord deformity, neuromuscular disorders or obstruction. After undergoing an ileostomy, urostomy, or colostomy a stoma is formed which can be maintained with help of Ostomy Care products.

Smart Medical Buyer has a large product portfolio for Ostomy care products for stoma management like Colostomy bag, urostomy bag, etc. Some of the products in Ostomy care range include -

- Ostomy pouches – Once colon or urinary diversion is created a Colostomy bag or Urostomy bag is required. Colostomy Bag and Urostomy bag can either be opaque or transparent, one piece or two piece etc.

- Fabric Ostomy Pouch Support – Fabric Support for Ostomy pouches conceals, supports, and reduces noises allied to an Ostomy bag

- Ostomy Powder – Ostomy powder protects weeping peristomal skin by absorbing excess moisture to create a soothing paste. It prevents any skin irritation, soreness and infection

- Barrier Films – Barrier films are breathable clear coatings that prevent the difficulties that can rise from body fluids being in continual contact with skin. Barrier films like the trusted 3M Cavilon Barrier film is alcohol free, waterproof, and provides 72 hours protection

- Ostomy Paste – This creates a tighter seal between adhesive barrier and skin.  These paste are protective against digestive enzymes that are eliminated through stoma as these enzymes may aggravate surrounding skin

- Deodorizing Filters – Filters are used with ostomy bags to prevent ostomy related odors. The carbon filter neutralizes any odor passing through this filter

- Adhesive remover wipes – These wipes can be used to wipe off any remaining adhesive while soothing skin as they are gentle


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