Pregnancy Test Kit

Pregnancy Test Kits

Pregnancy Test Kits are used to determine pregnancy by detecting the human chorionic gonadotrophin ( hCG ).  Human chorionic gonadotrophin is produced by the placenta and is detectable in urine about 1 week after the implantation and the level of hCG continues to rise over the first trimester of the pregnancy. The working principle of pregnancy test kits is rapid chromatographic immunoassay for qualitative detection of hCG subunits in the urine sample. Two lines are used to determine the result. To determine positive results, the specimen reacts with the specific antibody – hcG which forms a coloured line at the test region. 

How to use a pregnancy test kit?

1. The testing device must be removed from the packaging 

2. The test strip is immersed in urine collected in a clean specimen container with the arrow end pointing towards the specimen to be tested. This test is preferred to be performed in the morning as the hCG concentration is easily detectable in the sample at that time of the day 

3. Take out the strip after at least 10 seconds (or the time duration specified on the product) from the specimen and let the test strip dry on a clean, flat and non absorbable surface

4. Read the test results after the time mentioned on the package 

5. Presence of two coloured bands indicates a positive result and presence of one coloured band indicates a negative result. In case of appearance of no lines, the test is considered invalid and has to be performed again with a new kit 

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