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Urine Bag Adult Paediatric

"Why and how are Urine Bags used?
Urine Bag, a popular product available on Smart Medical Buyer is part of our Urology, Ostomy & Incontinence catalogue. As the name suggest, urine collection bags are used to collect and temporarily store urine. It is attached to a catheter (tube) that is connected to the patient’s bladder through the urethra and the urine is passed through this tube into the urine bag. Such devices are used by people that may be suffering from urinary incontinence/ leakage, difficulty in urination, urinary tract infections, during and after certain types of urological and gynecological surgeries, and other ailments. Urine bags are available either as a leg bag or a drainage bag. A Leg urine bag is attached to the patients’ thigh with elastic or Velcro straps and allows them to move freely during the day. They have a small holding capacity in comparison to a drainage urine bag and need to be emptied and cleaned more frequently. A drainage urine bag is used for patients that may be in wheelchairs or beds and are not attached to the patients’ body. They can be used for a longer period of time and are commonly used during the night while the patient is asleep. Most urine bags are not recommended to be re-used for more than a month even with thorough cleaning every time the bag is drained. If the bag looks dirty or smells bad, then it should not be used and disposed off immediately.

Key Features to consider when buying Urine Bags:
There are certain key characteristics or features of urine bags that vary between different brands that should be considered before purchasing the most appropriate urine bag for the patient. Some of these are:

  • - Material: Urine bags are made from medical grade PVC that is non-toxic and safe to use. It is important to ensure the quality of the PVC that is used to manufacture the urine bags.
  • - Method of use/ Form: : Urine collection bags are available as leg bags or as drainage bags. Leg bags allow free movement of the patient and attached to the body whereas drainage bags have a large capacity and are placed/ hung next to the patient.
  • - Non-return valve: Urine bags are available with or without non-reflux valve. Reflux valves prevent the accidental reverse flow of urine from the bag through the catheter
  • - Bottom outlet: Some urine collection bags such as the Romsons R-4 urine bag also come with a bottom outlet. This feature allows for the urine to be drained from the chamber while still being connected to the catheter.

  • - Capacity & Tube Length: Urine bags are available on Smart Medical Buyer in an extensive range of capacities and various lengths of smooth kink resistant tubing depending on the use of the device.

  • Why buy Urine Bags online on Smart Medical Buyer:

    Smart Medical Buyer carries a large collection of Urine collection bags for adults and children (paediatric) from well-known manufacturers such as Romsons, Alpha Therapeutics (ATPL), Bellcross Industries, Syso Asia Healthcare, etc at very attractive prices. We also have a wide range of other popular urology products such as Foley Catheters, Colostomy Bags & Kits, Male External Catheters, etc.