Fact-Checking the Common Concerns Regarding Coronavirus

Fact-Checking the Common Concerns Regarding Coronavirus

The novel coronavirus is said to have originated from the animal wet markets in the central Chinese city of Wuhan. What was considered a contagious virus in December has now become a global pandemic that has affected the life of citizen across the world. Apart from China the virus has had seen severe effects in Italy, United States of America, Spain and Iran among others.

The medical fraternity has been working day in and day out to help those suffering from this disease and raising awareness about the symptoms and preventive measures that we need to follow. The importance of social distancing has been stressed on all social media platforms, television, blogs and news channels as it is one of the most effective and essential method to control the spread of coronavirus. Since the virus is known to be extremely contagious, World Health Organization and all government agencies have focussed on the importance of not touching our face, mouth, eyes and washing hands at regular intervals for at least 20 seconds. The use of alcohol based hand sanitizer and bath wipes has also been recommended for added protection. Keep a health kit at home that includes essential medicines, bandages, sanitary wipes, bp check machine and infrared thermometer to maintain tabs on your vitals. You can buy these products online at Smart Medical Buyer.

Although the information about COVID-19 can be found everywhere, it is important to identify what is true and cross check facts as well. In times of a pandemic, the spread of false information can cause more harm. To help clear some facts for you, we have listed below some common misconceptions regarding coronavirus.

Misconception: It is extremely fatal!

Fact: Even though COVID-19 can prove fatal for high risk patients, most of the infected individuals have recovered from the disease. The latest report reflected that 1 out of 100 affected are dying due to COVID-19. Recovery time for every individual varies, as do the symptoms of the virus. There have been asymptomatic cases reported as well. However, one should not show laxity in taking all the preventive measures because you can never be too sure of the transmission.

Misconception: Pets are also getting infected with COVID-19

Fact: This is completely false as there have been no reported cases of pets or any animals being infected with COVID-19. Although, those infected with the disease are advised to maintain distance with animals for the time being.

Misconception: Hand dryers can kill the virus

Fact: Hand dryers, high temperatures, UV disinfection lamps, and spraying chlorine on yourself will not lead to the death of coronavirus. On the contrary, they can cause skin infection and rashes which is the last thing you would want given the circumstances. It is best to keep these items away from your cleaning kit. Make use of soap and water regularly or a hand sanitizer in case a soap isn’t available.

Be a part of breaking the myths and misconceptions regarding coronavirus. Keep yourself safe and follow the guidelines set by WHO and government agencies. These are tough times, but with the right measures, we shall overcome the virus and win the fight against COVID-19.

Kunal Sood

Kunal Sood

Kunal has over 3 years working in the Real Estate Finance and Development industry in UK and India. He started his career as an acquisitions consultant analysing and structuring real estate investments in London and other parts of UK for a sovereign wealth fund.
Kunal Sood

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